The course of lecture-seminars “European Idea and Georgia’s European Integration” has started at GTU

The course of lecture-seminars – “The European orientation of Georgia“ has started at the Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies and Social Sciences of the Georgian Technical University, Emzar Pazhava, Associate Professor of the University, the coordinator of the project, is giving lectures.
The target groups of the project in the current academic year are fourth-year undergraduate students of the Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies, and Social Sciences of the University. A total of 7 groups and more than 150 students participate in the lecture-seminars. There will be 15 lectures and 15 seminars for each group.
The lecture course is a free component and is elective. A lecture course “European Idea and European Integration of Georgia” was prepared for students within the frame of the project.
Within the range of this project, a website in Georgian and English has also been created where materials are posted about the progress of the project.
Due to the global pandemic, in 2021, lecture courses have started and continued with distance learning, which is provided by the University with special electronic platforms.
Lectures are implemented with the financial support of the EU Erasmus + Jean Monnet Module Program and the Georgian Technical University.
The University administration contributes as much as possible to the implementation of the project. The project started in 2019 and will be completed in 2022.

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