Publication of the article

Publication rules for articles
➢ Language of the article – Georgian, English;
➢ Format of the Article: DOC (MS-Word);
➢ Size of paper – A 4;
➢ Margins: 2 cm- at the top and bottom; 2,5 cm on the right and left sides of the text;
➢ Font for text – “Sylfaen”, font size – 12;
➢ Interval – 1,15;
➢ Title of article – font size – 16;
➢ Author’s name, last name and titles— font size- 12;
➢ Keywords – Number 7-10;
➢ Keywords – font size – 12;
➢ Chapters and sub-chapters – font size -14;
➢ The font size of footnotes – 10;
➢ The font size of bibliography – 10;
➢ The font size of citation – 12;
➢ Number of the pages – 7-10.
Remark: Abstract and bibliography are included in the length of the article.
Structure of the Article
➢ Title of the article;
➢ Full name, last name, academic title, working place and e-mail address of author(s);
➢ Abstract in English;
➢ Body of the article;
➢ Bibliography;
➢ Footnote.
Structure of the text
➢ Introduction;
➢ Main text;
➢ Conclusion.
Format of the Abstract
➢ Language of Abstract: English;
➢ Number of the words: 150 – 200 words.
➢ Subject of the research;
➢ Results of the research;
➢ Conclusion.

Footnotes are placed in the body of the article, at the bottom of the pages and are numbered, while
the author’s remarks (explanations) – are indicated with an asterisk * and accordingly, are not

Book style – Author, year. Title Publisher, location of publisher.
Reinhold, Z., 2006. Legal Methodology. Tenth revised edition. Munich: publishing house
Beck, p. 11.
Journal – Author, year. Paper title. Journal name, volume and issue numbers, inclusive pages.
Hill, R. M. 1997. The single-vendor single-buyer integrated production–inventory model with
generalized policy, European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 97, pp. 493-499.
Online Sources style
Vidmar, R. J. August 1992. On the use of atmospheric plasmas as electromagnetic reflectors. IEEE
Trans. Plasma Sci. [Online]. 21(3). pp. 876-880. Available:
Conference paper or contributed volume – Author, year, paper title. Proceedings title (in
italics). City, country, inclusive pages.
Beck, K. and Ralph, J. 1994. Patterns Generates Architectures. Proceedings of European
Conference of Object-Oriented Programming. Bologna, Italy, pp. 139-149.
In an article written in English, the word “ibid” is used for the sources published in English.

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