Instructions for abstract preparation

Abstract should be concise and informative, reflecting the main content of the article, describing the purpose of the research, summarizing  main results of the research  and representing its theoretical and practical importance. The article should be well structured. The abstract is presented separately  from the article. References should therefore  be avoided. General superfluous words which increase only the volume of the text, but  will not contribute to the opening of the article content,  should be avoided. In short, it should be essentially original.

Title of article

Name and Surname of the author (s)

Academic degree / scientific degree

University / Institute

Contact information: Address / Email

Format of the Abstract

Language of Abstract: English;

Number of the words: 200-250 words;

Subject of the research;

Theoretical and practical importance.

Results of the research;

Format of the Article: DOC (MS-Word);

Size of paper – A 4;

Margins: 2 cm- at the top and bottom; 2,5 cm on the right and left sides of the text;

Font for text – “Times New Roman”, font size – 12;

Interval – 1,15;

Title font size – 16;

Author’s name, last name and titles— font size- 12;

Keywords – maximum   5- 7 words; font size – 12;

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